One of the Best Anime of 2023/24 so far…

Anime is a wonderful expression of animation and talent on a screen!

Madhouse has a long animation library spanning from 1973 to present with the absolutely wonderful and stunning Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End. Starting on the 29th September 2023 to March 22nd 2024 with 28 Episodes. Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End has been a visual masterpiece of effects showing off the various magic cast with very vivid colours and fluid motion to the fight scenes with outstanding character and weapon visuals, plus it has a very well told flowing story.

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End begins with the hero’s party, Himmel the Hero, Heiter the Priest, Eisen the Dwarf and Frieren the Elven Mage on their way back to town after defeating the demon lord to celebrate the defeat, the story then follows Frieren after a big event then setting off, seeing the world finding different spell grimoires, as time takes a leap forward so many years she comes across and see’s some of her old companions and associates all with different stories to tell and makes new friends and two students along the way Beyond Journey’s End…

Frieren Crunchyroll Link

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