Behind the scenes at Animangapop!

An introduction…

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Animangapop? What it’s like to build a convention from the ground up? How we choose the guests, performers, panels etc? Well… in a new short series we will delve into the world of Animangapop as it celebrates 10 years of being the Go to Show for all your Japanese POP-Culture needs!

We will be interviewing the Crew, Managers, Directors and the Boss! to find out what goes on behind those closed doors at Animangapop HQ!


Games Galore at AMP HQ!


Our Mascot ‘Annie Mei’


Fuelled up by Coffee, Pokémon & Gatcha!


Just a small selection of Figures on Display.

The interviews…

Coming soon! Watch this space!

For now… check out our latest event AMP Cardiff happening on the 1st June 2024. If you already know about it and need tickets then click here.