BUY BUY BUY, The Japanese Yen is Collapsing

During the 1950s to 1990’s Japan’s economy was Booming, we saw  Nintendo, Sega being founded. Car manufacturers such as Mitsubishi, Toyota, Honda and Subaru become popular and being manufacturered in other parts of the world such as the USA. Everyone learnt that MADE IN JAPAN meant High Quality Goods.  But now everyone wants cheaply produced products, so everything is produced in other asian countries such as India, Indonsia or China.

Much like the United Kingdom, Japan has turned into a Service based Economy. These Services are things such as Shops (retail), Advertising, financial Services, Publishing, Leisure, Tourism and Entertainment.  this equites to rougthly 70% of their economy.

Currently, Unemployment has dropped , GDP is dropping for the 5th year in a row.

The Japanese Yen much like most countires is tied against the US Dollar, this means that they compare interest rates, The United states have set their interest rates to 5.25% 5.5 % , Japan in the other hand has set their Interest rates to 0 % and 0.1 % (for reference, the UK’s interest rate is 5.25% meaning our exchange is £1 is about $1.28)

The Yen Currently is at 205.42 Yen to £1 , the Lowest it’s been since 26 july 2008 at 214.68Yen to £1.
This is Amazing for anyone looking to invest into a Japanese company or Buy from Japan / Visit Japan.