So it’s happened my friend ruined her miku ita bag by spilling ramen she left on the bed onto it because she forget the bowl was there.


So what is an ita bag first? in the early 2000s, Ita bags made an appearance in Japan. Ita bags are popular with Otaku culture, Anime, Manga, Video Games, ect, ect Ita bags come in many shapes and sizes, but they all have a clear window for people to show their dedication and love to their favorite  character, series or franchise. most people place pin badges, keychains, small plushies in the the viewing port.


So my friend accidnetly spilled food onto her miku ita bag, as she forgot that they had noodles on their bed, this ita bag is special and expensive, well all ita bags are expesnive, so in a rush i just took it and went straight to the bathroom, so i didn’t take a photo of the spill, but here is an image from redit user u/MarigoldLights to help illistrate this post


so what do you do once this has happened?

First you have to absorb as much fluid as possible to stop it getting any worse. id suggest using washing up liquid as i have tried it myself. but there may be colour loss.  first i used cold water to try dilute the stain and used an old toothbrush that hasn’t been used in awhile to aggitate the stains. unfortuantely this did not get everything so i had to level up to the next stage of strain removal

This is where i stated adding fairy liquid, i rubbed it in with my hands and then tried to brush the stains out, unfortunately this was not shifting so i had to add more and scrub harder, i also had to switch to hot water. luckily after 3 rounds of doing this, it was all gone. so all i had to do was leave it to dry and it was all good.