Macross Plus at MCM??????????

So if you were at MCM May, you might of noticed an advertisement for Macross PLUS. But Macross is one of the Franchises the West never saw. SO what is macross plus?

Macross Plus is a 4 episode OVA from 1994 and there was a movie edition, it is a continuation of the Macross Timeeline. Continuing from the Canon Timeline of the macross movie, Macross: Do You Remember Love. However it is self contained, like doctor who, where you can watch a episode on it’s own and it makes sense, you can watch the series on it’s own and it makes sense without watching anything else.

It is an action Anime about 2 child hood friends who have become test pilots, competing against each other showcasing the next generation of fighters, meanwhile their friend appears and the producer of The Galaxy’s singer Sharon Apple, an Ai that goes Rogue, and it is up to the 2 Main characters if they can put aside their differences and stop the Rogue AI.

This set seems to come with the Movie version on one disc and the 4 Ovas on another disc, an A3 Poster and 9 Art cards.