Animangapop: The Interviews

Animangapop: Behind the Scenes

The interviews

In this short series we take a look behind the curtain at some of the people who make the magic happen. These people give huge chunks of their spare time to bring these shows to life all around the country and are dedicated in making sure they put on the best show they possibly can, making sure everyone has a fabulous time and leave them wanting to attend Animangapop again. So without further ado, let’s say hello to… The Boss.

Hello Mark, thank you for taking the time to sit down and answer some questions.

Can you tell us what your role here is at Animangapop?

Sure. I’m the Head Tea Boy, Founder, Owner and MD of Animangapop Ltd.

How did you get involved with Animangapop and have long have you been here?

Animangapop grew out of an event we put on a long time ago called P.A.C.E (Plymouth Anime & Comic Expo). It was the Cities first flavour of ‘Anime’ and after 2 years of running it we spun out Animangapop into its own event in 2014.

What is one of your favourite tasks and why?

Just like any small business owner, we have a hand is absolutely everything from creation to execution and everything in between. Luckily over the years we have grown a great team of people that allows me to focus on other area’s of the event which include new locations, new activations and even spin-up new events such as Gameology UK, coming in to Plymouth in Feb 2025.

What is the one task that is a grind but needs to be done?

Ah the classic which is of course the accounts but also timetables can be quite time consuming and change every 3 seconds. Right Kim? (Kim loves it when I change his stage setup at last minute)

If you had to pick one memorable thing that has happened in the last 10 years of AMP, what is it?

A little known thing but in the early days of the After-Party. I personally use to take to the DJ decks and bash out some absolute crazy mash-ups.

Animangapop embraces all forms of Japanese POP-Culture. What is your favourite part of Japanese culture and why?

Myself, Wife and Kids have fully in braced Japanese Culture for nearly 25+ years now. With close friends in Japan as well as an Office, work associates etc we love all things Japanese Culture. However I would say my favourite part is still the bright, vibrant feels you get some the streets on the weekend. Everyone conforms (90%) but the ability to cut free from the social norms and be yourself is what led to the cult of Harajuku and every niche around or in it.

What is your Favourite Anime?

It has to be Dragon Ball Z (if this came up in an office quiz and someone got it wrong they would have been asleep!)

Tell us one funny thing that has happened to you at an Animangapop event in the past?

Well… that would be telling.


Thank you for time time on this Mark, we know you are super busy with Shows.

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