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Get ready to experience the ultimate anime, manga and pop-culture event in the UK! Our action-packed and non-stop convention is the best in the country, offering a bonkers day filled with all the goodness you can handle. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just looking to have a blast, we guarantee you won’t want to miss a single minute of the excitement. Book your ticket now and get ready to be amazed by our amazing line-up of activities, events and guests!

[tc_info_box icon_color=”#ffcd00″ iconsize=”4x” title=”Always fresh content” icon_bg_color=”#5b5b5b” iconfont=”pe-7s-refresh-2″]Filled to the brim with exciting new things to see, do, experience, shop, watch and interact with![/tc_info_box]
[tc_info_box icon_color=”#ffcd00″ iconsize=”4x” title=”New Talks & Panels” icon_bg_color=”” iconfont=”pe-7s-micro”]A huge array of panels & talks will be taking place which can include, Fashion, Cosplay, Small Press, Industry and a whole lot more.[/tc_info_box]
[tc_info_box icon_color=”#ffcd00″ iconsize=”4x” title=”Gaming Competitions” icon_bg_color=”” iconfont=”pe-7s-diamond”]Building on the original ‘Gaming Alley’, we will now be hosting Competitions and Tournaments during the course of event! Test your skills and sign up on the day![/tc_info_box]
[tc_info_box icon_color=”#ffcd00″ iconsize=”4x” title=”Live performances” icon_bg_color=”#5b5b5b” iconfont=”lnr lnr-music-note”]Live performances on Stage for your enjoyment which include singers, idol groups, bands and so much more![/tc_info_box]
[tc_info_box icon_color=”#ffcd00″ iconsize=”4x” title=”More Special Guests” icon_bg_color=”” iconfont=”lnr lnr-star”]More special guests! We aim to bring you some of the best current special guests to our events.[/tc_info_box]
[tc_info_box icon_color=”#ffcd00″ iconsize=”4x” title=”Loads More Activities” icon_bg_color=”” iconfont=”pe-7s-users”]More space means more things to do! The list of activities is always growing and evolving. There is always something to join in with.[/tc_info_box]

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BUY BUY BUY, The Japanese Yen is Collapsing

During the 1950s to 1990’s Japan’s economy was Booming, we saw  Nintendo, Sega being founded. Car manufacturers such as Mitsubishi, Toyota, Honda and Subaru become popular and being manufacturered in other parts of the world such as the USA. Everyone learnt that MADE IN JAPAN meant High Quality Goods.  But now everyone wants cheaply produced […]

Ramen! Ramen! : Game Review

Ramen! Ramen!: Game Review Do you love ramen? Do you love games? This simple card game could be for you! Brought to you by Japanime Games, Ramen! Ramen! Is an easy to pick up card game for 1-4 players that runs for approximately 30 minutes. What is Ramen! Ramen! Your objective is to serve the […]

Collecting Anime/Video Game Soundtracks

Collecting Anime and Video Game Soundtracks Collecting anime and video game soundtracks is a fantastic way of enjoying your favourite franchises in another format. Since the early days, both anime and video games have brought us some fantastic vocal tracks and instrumental pieces. From the power vocal collections of Bubblegum Crisis incredible orchestral tracks from […]

Macross Plus at MCM??????????

So if you were at MCM May, you might of noticed an advertisement for Macross PLUS. But Macross is one of the Franchises the West never saw. SO what is macross plus? Macross Plus is a 4 episode OVA from 1994 and there was a movie edition, it is a continuation of the Macross Timeeline. […]


Check out below a list of our events we host throughout the year in the UK.

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