Little Cherry Miku

Cosplay Performer

Hi! I'm Ghost, a 17 year old girl with an obsession, what obsession, you may ask? Hatsune Miku!!! I love everything about her, so i've laid down my dancing shoes and put on my best wig so that i'll be performing as her in my challenge of becoming the British equivalent of our lord and savior. I started fancing around 4 years ago and it has just stuck with me, I adore cosplay, with this being my 5th year attending AnimangaPOP , so why not combine the two , to attempt to be the cutest music program to ever exist???

You can find me on Instagram as @littlecherrymiku , I hope you all enjoy my performance, if you know the words, join in!! it's no fun singing alone, let's hope this debut goes well and my two left feet don't hurt me or anyone else!